Saturday, November 7, 2009

Wire Wrapping Experiments

OK, I think I have some of this internet stuff straightened out. I feel like there's a lot more I don't know, but I'll figure it out as I go. I'm used to that! 
Since I've taught myself most of the bead techniques I know, I miss stuff sometimes. Wire wrapping is an important skill to have and because of my perfectionism, I didn't miss anything as far as construction. When working with wire, I tend to go for a slightly higher gauge (20) because it doesn't bend as easily and I have more confidence in the finished product. Lately I've started wondering if bending easily might be better for construction - a higher gauge might make wrapping easier and I might be more satisfied with the resulting aesthetic.  As for strength, I make tight loops (wire goes through bead and there's a loop on either end - I tend to make my loops as close to the bead as I can so the bead doesn't wiggle on the wire), so that provides a lot of strength (finished piece is less likely to bend).

Maybe I can get some more practice in today. Kiddo's getting a cold (it's coming on too slowly to be porcine), so we'll see.

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