Thursday, November 5, 2009

Back to Work

The last week (since we put the kitty down) has been really hard. Feeling dumb, unmotivated  and unfocused and it's been hard to get any jewelry work done (despite teeming with ideas). We finally got kitty back from the vet (she was cremated) and did the memorial we planned. As a family we went downtown and found a beautiful box that fits kitty's remains and a few sentimental items. She was a "volleyball" player - you could ball up a piece of paper (which would draw her from any room), lob it over head and she would swat it out of the air, no matter how high you tossed it. So we included a little paper wad. When kittydaddy and I first brought her home, we lived in an apartment over a Subway. I was in college and kittydaddy worked full time, so we ate a lot of Subway. Kitty loved sliced turkey and the crinkle of a Subway wrapper would also bring her in, so we included a piece of a Subway wrapper. She had beautiful fluffy black fur, but she had two white spots - one on her neck, below her chin and one in one of her "armpits." I was with her when she finally passed and I saved her white spot and included that. She recently developed an affinity for batting around kiddo's small toy doll heads, so kiddo included one of those. While we put all this stuff together, kiddo was drawing a picture of the cat that she wanted to put up on the wall. I had a small frame that the picture fit in, so we put out the box and framed drawing up in the living room. It felt really good to get her home and put the pieces together. I'm still really sad, but I feel much more settled.

Feeling better about this and not being able to drive my car much (needs an expensive repair) will keep me at home and hopefully I can increase production and put more items on etsy. Stay tuned.

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