Sunday, September 27, 2009


I've been making jewelry for over 20 years, mostly for myself and gifts for friends. I spent a LONG time in graduate school and I stopped making jewelry for a LONG time (I also stopped reading, camping, hiking, photography, life, etc.). Since I successfully defended my dissertation a couple years ago, I've returned to many of the passions I put on hold. With the jewelry, I've made pieces I really like, but haven't really worn them. I started wondering if maybe it's time to get more serious about selling some of these pieces. Then I started freaking out about the prospect of trying to sell a non-essential item in the Craphole Economy. "I know - the internet!" Then I freaked out a little more at the thought of being one tiny little drop of a shop in an ocean of online retail. 

So, I'm trying to do all this with as little financial risk as possible. Isn't that cute!? I took some pictures with my semi-pro camera (7 year old Sony Cybershot x10 zoom that still takes great pics), but the pics were pretty average. Friends have given me a lot of positive feedback on the pieces themselves, but I want some stellar pictures that will make my work really stand out.

I have a good friend who takes great pictures and has a swanky new camera. We spent two days getting some pretty amazing shots. Mind you, it's only been three weeks since I broke my ankle, and I'm hobbling around parks with my big boot. We even ended up at the home of another friend who has a beautiful garden. I totally overdid it with my ankle, but it was awesome! We had a great time and I have some beautiful pictures of my creations taken by one of my best friends.

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